Upcoming Workshops

Qi Gong Workshop

Sunday 22nd September (10-11.30am)

York Yoga Studio

Qi gong is a deeply relaxing fluid practice, originating in China, that combines movement, breath and mindfulness meditation to calm the mind, improve energy and develop mental/physical strength.  This workshop is a great opportunity to be guided through a re-vitalising and relaxing movement sequence that you can practice at home.  Nicky Thomas will introduce you to some of the basic ideas informing Qi gong and help you to discover the many health benefits of this practice.  All welcome.  The cost of the workshop is £12.

If you'd like to book a place then please contact Nicky Thomas at nickyjanethomas123@gmail.com, or give her a call on 07583 291616.


Alpine Yoga Retreat

16th to 21st September


Retreat to the beautiful Wild Emperor Mountains of Austria....how would you like to take a replenishing and refreshing break during late summer? Nicky Thomas is hosting a 5-day yoga, qi gong, meditation and walking retreat in spectacular alpine surroundings.

Included within this retreat is:

*Accommodation in an all-inclusive 4 star hotel
*Daily yoga and meditation
*Late afternoon/early evening qi gong against the backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser mountains
*A healthy and nutritious international cuisine, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening meal with unlimited fresh mineral water.
*Walking in nature - the option to take part in guided forest, mountain-top, and lakeside walks.
*The use of the hotel's wellness suite, which includes a Tyrolean steam room, bio sauna, fitness room, indoor pool and outdoor natural swimming pool.
*The possibility of wild swimming in the nearby alpine lake.
*A group acupuncture session tailored to promote relaxation, treat any niggly aches and pains and/or other health issues.

If you'd like to see photos of the hotel and surroundings, please visit https://www.hotelkaiser.at/en/hotel-kaiser/images/


The cost of the retreat is £745 per person for a room with two people sharing, or £845 for a single room. Flights are not included in this price. I will be arranging a group booking on flights/transfer to and from the hotel for those who are interested. Although you are welcome to make your own way there. The closest airports are Munich and Salzburg, which are both just over an hours drive from the village of Scheffau, where the hotel is situated. Airport transfer can easily be arranged.

Every morning, before breakfast, there will be a morning hatha yoga and meditation class where we will start off the day with a nourishing and revitalizing session to help you feel good in your body and mind. Classes will be accessible to everyone: complete beginners, those who haven’t practiced for a while, or more experienced students who would like a little more challenge. You will experience seated, standing and lying postures with simple breathing techniques, meditation and guided relaxations.

After breakfast there will be the option to enjoy a variety of guided peaceful walks in nature, spending time relaxing in or around the hotel and using the wellness suite, exploring the local village and surroundings or just soaking up the fresh air and beauty of alpine life.

Every afternoon, before dinner, you will have the option to practice qi gong in the tranquil outdoor setting of the hotel. I will introduce you to the basic concepts underpinning Qi gong and help you to discover the many health benefits of this practice. We will practice a series of gentle, yet at the same time strengthening, slow flowing movements, as well as learning some of the philosophical ideas informing this deeply relaxing moving meditation. We will move, breathe and deeply relax to the serene backdrop of the Alps, to improve energy and allow the mind to become still and calm.


Places are limited so please let me know if you would like more information as soon as possible.


Nicky Thomas is an experienced yoga teacher and acupuncturist based in York. She has an acupuncture practice at York Natural Health and teaches yoga at the beautiful York Yoga Studio. She works as a classroom tutor and clinic supervisor at the Northern College of Acupuncture, teaching students who are doing degree studies in Chinese Medicine. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

As a teacher and practitioner Nicky is passionate about helping people improve their well-being via movement, mindfulness and mind-body therapeutic approaches, which help people regain health and balance in a natural way.

‘Healthy Woman’ Workshops


A series of workshops designed to promote women’s wellbeing and mindfulness with yoga, qigong, acupuncture and nutrition.

There are pivotel times in a woman’s life when our bodies and minds communicate a need for us to pay greater attention to our well-being.  Women experience a tremendous arc of deep cyclical changes during menstruation, pregnancy, peri-menapause, menopause, and the accumulated wisdom of our post-menopausal years.   It is during these phases that our bodies will make it known in both subtle and not so subtle ways how we may nurture greater balance and health. Feminine hormonal changes are happening all the time but they are often more keenly felt at these times.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to learn healthy integrated practices designed for the time of your life.  I will help you to understand how your cyclical life is informing and inspiring change; what your body is telling you during the different phases of your life cycle; and the ways in which you might respond to those cues. 

Due to interest expressed following my first workshop, I will be running another Qigong, restorative yoga and acupuncture retreat where we will be focusing on ways to transition smoothly through peri-menopause and menopause into our later years.  

Future workshops will focus on fertility, pregnancy and menstruation; please watch for details of these events on my website and Facebook page.


Workshop 2

Replenish and refresh - your 'Second Spring'

Sunday 30th September - 10am-12.45pm

York Yoga Studio


In the East the menopausal transition is known as 'Second Spring'. It is considered to be a time of new potential, renewal and the doorway to new possibilities. In many Eastern cultures ageing is revered and respected, which empowers women during what can often be an uncertain transition filled with changes, experiences and symptoms that are unique to each of us. Awareness of what we can do to help ourselves can ease this transition.

This workshop will be an opportunity to pause, replenish and refresh your vital energy reserves; receive a tailored hormone-balancing treatment and learn how to be better equipped to go through the changes of menopause.

We will be looking through the lens of Eastern and Western Medicine, to understand why we experience hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia and mood changes, as we transition from our reproductive years into menopause, as well as learning:


A restorative yoga and Qi gong practice, designed to calm anxiety, improve sleep and ease hot flushes

A nutritional plan, drawing from Chinese and Western dietary principles. to optiminise energy and well-being, and reduce heat.

A replenishing, calming and restorative acupuncture treatment using points that re-set your body’s relaxation response and natural

air-conditioning system so that they work more efficiently.  The treatment will be tailored to your individual needs and experiences but

may include acupuncture points that calm anxiety and hot flushes, or promote a more restful nights sleep.

A calming visualization and meditation


To book please contact me on 07583-291616, email me on tonyandnick123@gmail.com, or leave a message on my website.




Introduction to Qi Gong

Over 50s Festival

Date: Saturday 6th October 2018

Time: 10.15 - 11.30am

Place: York Yoga Studio

Cost: £9


This workshop will introduce the basic concepts underpinning of Qi gong and help you to discover the many health benefits of this practice.  Students will be taught how to mindfully engage with a series of gentle, yet at the same time strengthening, slow flowing movements, as well as learning some of the philosophical ideas informing this deeply relaxing moving meditation. In this workshop we will move, breathe and deeply relax, to improve energy and allow the mind to become still and calm.

If you have any questions or would like further information about this session, please contact me on 07583-291616 or email me at tonyandnick123@gmail.com.  If you'd like to book a place then please contact York Yoga Studio directly on 01904-785704 or email: info@yorkyogastudio.co.uk.