I started to see Nicky for acupuncture 9 months ago and I can honestly say, it was one of the best decisions I have made to support my fertility and well being.

I went to see Nicky initially to regulate my menstrual cycle in order to support fertility. I also was going through some personal challenges and I wanted to reduce my stress and anxiety. Nicky’s treatments helped a number of things very quickly including my digestion, my anxiety levels and importantly my menstrual cycles. Through Nicky’s acupuncture, my cycles became much more regular very quickly. Every time I came away from a session, I felt relaxed and de-stressed and my anxiety was also lifted. The ultimate outcome is that we have now conceived after a long journey and I truly believe the acupuncture from Nicky has impacted this. Thank you Nicky! I also attend Nicky’s yoga classes and again, I would highly recommend these to support well being.

Nicky has a lovely gentle and kind manner and she is genuinely interested in you and your well being. She is an exceptional listener and takes the time to get to know you in order to treat you effectively. I cannot recommend her enough.
Last year my aging mother came to live with us. I was under a significant amount of stress. I had increasing numbness in my hands and feet. I had been to numerous Wester doctors to try to find out the cause of this. A Chinese massage therapist recommended I try acupuncture to help. I was in bad shape when I first met Nicky. She was very kind and professional. I told her of my background and that I was nervous of having acupuncture. Nicky was very patient with me and explained each of the things that she was doing and what she was looking for. She took time to listen and make sure that she understood what I was feeling and then would instinctively know what points to needle. Although initially skeptical, over the year I was able to see, understand and experience her gift of healing. Nicky understood the body, mind and spirit connection very well. She is very talented, intelligent, quick to explain, and shares knowledge with her patients. She is very adaptable and caring. She has also worked as a counsellor and these talents showed very quickly.
After moving to York I was looking for an acupuncturist to assist my fertility and promote my life/work balance. I’ve had extensive acupuncture treatments before and had a disappointing experience at other local centres.

Nicky’s treatments were more effective and helpful than others and boosted my energy levels and overall well being. I also attended Nicky’s yoga and Qi Gong classes and would highly recommend these to support health and flow. With Nicky’s assistance, we conceived after years of challenges. Her acupuncture treatments supported our well being throughout my pregnancy.

Nicky is an exceptionally kind and talented practitioner who is genuinely interested and capable of healing others through her treatments and instruction. I recommend her highly.
I went to see my doctor in August of 2016 with very bad pain in my left hip and buttock. when my doctor examined me he told me that I had acute sciatica. He said that he would give me some strong painkillers to help with the pain and that he would put me forward for some physio but that I could be waiting a long time. I responded that I didn’t want to wait for physio and would it be ok for me to have some acupuncture to which he agreed that he thought it would be the best form of treatment for my sciatica. I rang York Natural Health and got an appointment with Nicky. After my first appointment the pain really eased off great. I have been going to Nicky every week for a treatment since and it’s the best thing that I could have done. My pain has really reduced and she is also helping me with menopausal symptoms - since I started having treatment I have had no hot flushes or sweats at night! I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who is in alot of pain as it works really well. I must say that I have been feeling so much better overall in myself since starting acupuncture, thanks to Nicky’s help.
I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful, professional and caring person. I found that my weekly sessions, were a form of debriefing as well as a treatment. You listened to me and really helped me to digest situations.