I have enjoyed the practice of yoga for over 30 years and completed the Yoga Alliance training while living overseas. My background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, has given me a deep understanding of many physical and emotional health problems, which I have seen helped by the practice of yoga.  

Yoga is a wonderful way of relaxing the mind, finding inner calm, softening tension, experiencing more energy and finding balance.  But it is also able to help resolve many physical symptoms, such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, tiredness, insomnia.

There are many reasons why people practice yoga but usually there is a sense of needing to be more present.  People are often drawn to yoga when they're feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, apprehensive or anxious, or because they want to feel healthier and stronger in themselves.

The slow relaxed movements, and deep breathing, of yoga help us to relax more deeply and release tension in the body that may be causing stress and pain, so that our energy can flow more freely and vibrantly. 

All ages are welcome as her classes are designed to take into account any physical limitations that a student may have, whilst still deriving all the positive benefits such as greater strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation.

Whilst all of my open classes are at the York Yoga Studio, I also teach A-level students at The Mount School in York.  If you'd like further information about any of my classes, or would like to pre-book a place, then please do not hesitate to call or drop me a line.

My Classes

 Hatha Yoga* - 6.00 to 7.15pm (Mondays)

Introduction to Hatha yoga - 7.30 - 8.30pm (Mondays - starts 10th September)

Open level Hatha - 9 to 10am (Saturdays)


  • Hatha Yoga: this is a general term for the most popular style of yoga in the West.  This term I will be offering Hatha Yoga for Beginners, which is ideal for those new to yoga or who prefer to focus on the foundations.  I will also be continuing my all levels Hatha on a Monday and Saturday for those comfortable in a group of mixed ability.  Classes start with a seated meditation and warming movements before working in yogasana (postures).  Classes end with a restorative savasana.


Open-level Hatha Yoga

Mondays 6.15-7.15pm

Do you want your yoga class to smooth away the rough edges of your day?

How do gentle stretching, mindful breathing and accessible yoga poses sound?

Try my Hatha evening class, for all levels and ages.  Option to pre-book or drop-in.

What is Qi Gong?


Qi Gong is a movement practice that involves mindfully engaging with a series of gentle, yet at the same time strengthening, slow flowing movements.  During Qi Gong we move, breathe and deeply relax, to allow the mind to become still and calm.  Effectively, this helps to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body thus restoring vitality; strengthen and support joints and muscles that may have become weakened through repetitive use or age.

Qi Gong is an exercise that has been practised for thousands of years in china as a way to cultivate balance, strength, relaxation and flexibility. It has been described as the 'art of effortless flow' as it helps you to release unnecessary tension in the body and increase the circulation of our vital energy. The more fluid you become in your movements, the more you can increase the flow of blood and energy circulating though out your body.  

When we are healthy and vibrant our energy flows like water. Qi Gong is a wonderful way to create space in the mind and the body, transforming deeply held tension into softness and fluidity and preventing constriction from taking root in the body.


My love for both movement forms inform my teaching today.  




Introduction to Qi Gong

This workshop will introduce the basic concepts underpinning of Qi gong and help you to discover the many health benefits of this practice.  Students will be taught how to mindfully engage with a series of gentle, yet at the same time strengthening, slow flowing movements, as well as learning some of the philosophical ideas informing this deeply relaxing moving meditation. In this workshop we will move, breathe and deeply relax, to improve energy and allow the mind to become still and calm.

If you have any questions or would like further information about this session, please contact me on 07583-291616 or email me at  If you'd like to book a place then please contact York Yoga Studio directly on 01904-785704 or email:

Date: Sunday 6th October; Time: 10.15-11.30am; Place: York Yoga Studio; Cost: £9




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